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Collagen for healthy skin

Most of the skin care creams will have collagen supplements or ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen, as it is this protein, which will make your skin, appear young and healthy. The region beneath the eyes is extremely delicate and has to be treated with extra care, else, you will end up having dark circles, or wrinkles at much younger age. Due to the sensitivity of this area, signs of aging can be prominently observed here. When collagen production is stimulated in these areas, the elasticity and the firmness of the skin will improve, which in turn will mask any discoloration or wrinkles, effectively.

Skin becomes thinner as you age, and this thinning will start from your twenties. When this thinning issue is not addressed in the early stages, then the first sign of aging that appears is the dark circles. If dark circles are your problem too, then you should consider fixing it with under-eye creams, that will aid the rejuvenation your skin, and help you mask your dark circles effectively. You should know that, you cannot get rid of dark circles, and you can only mask them, because these dark circles are nothing but your blood vessels, whose appearance has become pronounced due to the thinning of your skin; this article will help you understand the importance of collagen and its role in masking different signs of aging on your face.

Collagen is the structural protein, which is made up of amino acids such as glycine, proline, arginine, and hydroxyproline. As the name says, collagen which is present in the bones, hairs, and connective tissue, is responsible for keeping things in good shape and right place. Around 70% of the protein in the skin is the collagen, and it is this protein that makes your skin look glowy and radiant. To maintain good levels of collagen, your diet should be rich in proteins, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and fibers. The under-eye creams that are used for dark circles and wrinkles will also have the ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen. When used for a decent period of time, these creams will help your skin become bouncy, elastic, and firm and finally mask all the signs of aging on the skin.

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