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Unknown facts about fat and fat loss

Fats can be both good and bad. For you to look, radiant, youthful, glowy and for all those natural and healthy curves, dietary fats are necessary. But, if the consumption of the dietary fats, go beyond control, then the consequences not so great. So, a cautious consumption is important.
If you sense any fat accumulation in your body, it is always better to get rid of it at the beginning itself. If this is delayed, then the fat gets accumulated in difficult places, that are very difficult to reach, through any fat loss treatments. Fat loss pills can help you lose your fat in a healthy way.Out of all the pills, phenq is said to be the best, as its formulation is scientifically designed to remove unwanted fat efficiently.

Below are unknown facts about fats, that can help you understand the importance of fats-

1. Potential stem cells are present in human body fat.
Few researchers at Stanford, while studying the human fat, that was removed through liposuction, have said to come across, potential stem cells. These stem cells have the ability to proliferate to bone cells, cardiac cells or any muscle cells

2.Fat loss enhances brain activity. People with slim or fit physique are said to be more mentally alert when compared to obese individuals.

3.Artificial sweeteners when used in your diet, can increase fat storage.

4.Average life span of a fat cell is eight years. This can slighty alter in the case of white adipocytes, depending on the fat accumulation.

5. Liposuction is not the healthy way to fat loss. During this treatment, fat is removed from the subcutaneous layer, but intra-abdominal fat is left untouched. It is the intra-abdominal fat that causes various health complications like diabetes, stroke etc., and not subcutaneous fat.

6. Fat loss treatment will be a failure if you are stressed, as stress triggers over-eating. The hormones released during stress, enhance fat-storage.

7. Going late to sleep can lead to more fat storage. Night-owls tend to over-eat and are notoriously lazy.

8. The number of obese people all around the world is approximately 1.1 billion.

9. The word "obese" is derived from the Latin word, obesus, which means, to eat until fat.

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